Last week the House of Representatives held a hearing on my Parent’s Bill of Rights legislation. As expected, it has been consigned to the ‘Hold for Further Study’ pile. If I read the room correctly, that is exactly where Democrats intend for it to stay. After all, today’s Democrat party considers parents nuisances and obstructions to the indoctrination they are in the process of instilling in our children. Only parents can press the issue and force that bill into law.

It will be necessary in the coming election to replace Democrat legislators who want to silence parents and push them out of the way, with parents or community members who care about the poisonous agenda that is infiltrating our schools and who will work to root it out and replace it with curricula that is structured for academic excellence and maximizing each child’s potential.

One of the tools parents and concerned community members will need is another bill I have introduced H-7335: THE 2022 TRANSPARENCY IN EDUCATION CURRICULUM MATERIALS ACT.

This bill seeks to have all materials used with children available for viewing by parents and taxpayers. The materials must be posted either of the school’s website or readily available in the school library.

Materials refers to any and all textbooks, reading materials, videos, activities, digital materials, websites, posters, bulletin board materials and other online applications used in classrooms, hallways, in assemblies and extracurricular activities and clubs. In other words, this bill requires comprehensive and thorough transparency as it related to the instructional materials used with our children.

It also applies to teacher manuals. I have discovered in my research that teachers' manuals constrain teachers to present material in a prescribed way. While administrators and school committees will pay lip service to the concept of critical thinking, in reality, the teachers’ manuals and required worksheets, discussion prompts and tests teach for the ‘right’ answer. Students who don’t parrot that ‘right’ answer fail, and the teacher and school are given bad scores on the RIDE metrics. It is insidious.

As a result, teachers’ manuals and the materials teachers are required to use and train with themselves are critical to understand the ideological direction into which our children are being funneled.

If made available in digital form, the materials must be easily searchable using key words and phrases and all materials must be approved by the school committee in conjunction with a broad cross section of parents before being used with children.

The legislation contains an enforcement mechanism which allows any member of the community, the Attorney General, or the RIDE commissioner to file a complaint in Superior Court for the failure of a school to make the materials available. The civil fine is $500 for each instance.

I was a teacher. In those days, we focused on preparing children for successful adult lives. I would welcome any parent who wanted to know more about the materials and methods I used. I considered them partners with me in their children’s education.

I am alarmed to hear legislators and teachers flatly stating that parents have no business asking for transparency and involvement. Those legislators, teachers and school committee members are wrong.

No one on this planet cares more about a child than their parents. They have every right to be involved and have the transparency to easily access the materials being used with THEIR children. Concerned community members have that right, as well.

This bill is another critical tool to help parents. Let’s get it passed.

I will let you all know when it is posted for a hearing. I hope you will lend your voice and advocacy to mine.

H7335.pdf (

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