Stop Violating Students' Civil Rights


Children Deserve Schools in which they are able to maximize their academic potential, free from race-blaming and race shaming, free from discrimination based on skin color. We never WOULD accept race shaming if directed towards black school children and we should not accept it when directed at white school children.

I have introduced four bills in the RI House of Representatives that deal with education. I have already written about 2 of those bills: THE PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS and THE TRANSPARENCY IN EDUCATION ACT which are both aimed at putting parents back in charge of their children’s education.

After all, it is parents, not ‘woke’ activist teachers who care more about their children and their children’s future than anyone one else on the planet. Woke activist education has no place in our schools. Educators, instead, must be focused on academic rigor and on maximizing each child’s abilities, so those students will be able to attain successful adult lives.

This goal must be achieved in an environment that respects the civil rights of every child. Alarmingly, in today’s schools, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is taking a beating. Under the guise of ‘equity’, classwork has been ‘centered’ on race, ethnicity, gender and religion and away from treating every individual with respect and seeking to judge and accept each person by the content of their character, not the immutable characteristics of race, ethnicity and gender.

It is a sad commentary on the degradation of our schools that this bill is needed. We should all be alarmed that we need to make a law, in support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to prevent all forms of discrimination in our schools. That is where the poisonous ideology of racial grifters and the disturbing indoctrination from ‘woke’ teachers has brought us today. This ideology, sweeping silently through our students’ classrooms, must be exposed and stopped.

This is what the bill seeks to codify into Rhode Island Law:


  • May not use race and/or gender stereotypes in any part of the curricula or instruction

  • May not segregate or discriminate of the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, or religion

  • May not use racial slurs or terms that describe race, ethnicity, gender, or religion is a pejorative context

  • Must deliver instruction that supports the principles of individual freedom, equality before the law and inalienable rights for every child without regard to immutable characteristics of race, ethnicity, gender, or religion

  • Must affirm that no individual is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously, solely by virtue of their race or gender.

  • Must affirm that no race is inherently superior to another race.

  • Must affirm that no individual should be discriminated against, segregated, or receive adverse treatment solely or partly based on race, skin color, national origin, religion, disability, or gender.

  • Must affirm that meritocracy or traits such as a hard work ethic are not racist

The bill seeks to ensure that our nation’s history is taught thoroughly and that schools are focused on academic excellence and on helping every child maximize their potential. Within that context:

  • The use of ideological instructional materials that depict identity groups as oppressors and/or victims shall not be incorporated within instructional materials, provided that historical, factual events are taught as part of a high-quality curricula

  • History must be taught using the standards, customs, and traditions in use at the time of the historical event. No more rewritten history to accommodate the ideological bent of the 21st century and demonize past leaders

  • History, literature, social and natural science topics must include critical analysis that requires all sides of the topic to be presented and explored to achieve educational and intellectual balance.

  • Because the contributions of every race, ethnicity, gender, and religion are critical to a complete understanding of our country and world, there shall be no exclusive focus and/or centering of individual identity groups in the curriculum in any subject

We don't want to ban any books, except where they are pornographic.

  • Books and instructional materials shall not center on any race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or viewpoint. Instead, educators, librarians and all school personnel are required to use books and materials that balance instruction and promote critical thinking.

In all instruction where ideological material is studied, students shall be exposed to the alternative perspective to achieve educational balance, provided, of course, that historical, factual events are taught and presented as historical, factual events, as part of a high-quality curricula.

For instance, if a book is read about the ‘school to prison’ pipeline, then a book discussing the negative impact of the defund the police and no bail policies of progressive district attorneys must also be read and discussed.

  • Ideological and political theories may not be presented as facts. Differences of opinions must be accepted and encouraged.

Alarmingly, in teachers’ manuals and in the pre-designed tests that are required as part of the curriculum that RIDE developed, students must come to the ‘right’ answer or fail. If teachers introduce alternatives ideas or answers, the school may suffer in its published standings. THIS IS INDOCTRINATION and it is happening in classrooms today.

  • Schools may not use the 1619 curriculum or any other curricula that pursues a predominantly ideological and/or activist outcome.

  • Educational staff are prohibited from electioneering, pursuing activism, or advocating for specific political beliefs or candidates. This includes visual materials. Values, psychological and medical counseling, and political activism shall not be taught in classrooms or in any school setting.

  • The sexualization of children shall not be permitted in educational or extra-curricular activities. Instead, health education will address the topics that promote safety, physical and mental health, healthy nutrition and personal care, and in high school, the concepts of dating violence and abuse.

  • In this context, children shall be addressed using their birth names and the pronouns associated with their biological gender unless parental permission to do otherwise is obtained in writing.

There are penalties associated with the violation of this act, that includes action by the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division for violating the civil rights of students, parents, and/or colleagues.

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