South Kingstown School Committee Threatens and Slanders Law Abiding Parent

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Recently, South Kingstown resident Nicole Solas made national news after she courageously stood up to the intimidating pressure of being threatened with a lawsuit by the South Kingstown School Committee for simply filing FOIA requests within her legal right. The Rhode Island ACLU called the School Committee’s actions “inappropriate.” What was she requesting? Because the SK School District does not publish curriculum content on its website, she wanted to find out if the curriculum consists of Critical Race Theory type content; Marxist-inspired material that divides the world into People of Color (POC) and whites (oppressed and oppressor respectively), and teaches children the amorphous idea that America is structurally racist. Such content is known to shame children for being white, cause psychological damage in students, and make them feel guilty and responsible for simply existing. The idea goes that white people benefit from the oppression that they participate in by virtue of being privileged, and so they are responsible for ongoing oppression.

Granted, it’s already in the open that the District has implemented a set of policies in the tradition of “anti-racism” (which explicitly advocates for discrimination to achieve “equity”, and defines any disparity between racial groups as necessarily a product of racism). Indeed, a blog analyzing this policy will soon be published on this website. But Nicole feels the need to know whether the CRT stops at the anti-racism policy, or is embedded into academic content too.

The School Committee’s response to Nicole’s requests was pathetic and reprehensible. Instead of following through with their legal duty to fulfill Nicole’s requests, they spuriously and slanderously claimed, without specifying anything, that she is associated with racist organizations (she has appeared on Fox News, is featured in Legal Insurrection, and has worked with Parents Defending Education. Decide for yourself if these are “racist” organizations or if they are simply working to expose and combat the nonsense that is anti-racism.)

A Committee member, Emily Cummiskey, wrote a lengthy Facebook post about the situation, claiming that Solas is associated with racist organizations. If Cummiskey is talking about Parents Defending Ed, does she know that one of its leaders, Asra Nomani, is a feminist Muslim? Before Cummiskey removed her post, it garnered heavy criticism that far overwhelmed and overshadowed the comments supporting her. Indeed, Solas’ address at the Committee meeting was met with loud applause from many attendees. Will Cummuskey and the other supporters of neo-racism continue their brazen assault on the minds of our children, or will they realize that racism and discrimination on the basis of skin color in any form is unacceptable and that concerned citizens will not tolerate it?

Another Committee member, Sarah Markey, tweeted “I will never understand people who could do anything with their time and energy and choose to focus on harming BIPOC children, distorting history, and maintaining white supremacy by any means necessary.” Because fighting an ideology that explicitly advocates for discrimination, and legally requesting information about whether students in your district are being subjected to social engineering is clearly an act of maintaining white supremacy.

But that’s what you get with Woke crusaders. Because anti-racism defines as racist anything that is not actively anti-racist, i.e. discriminating to achieve “equity,” anything that explicitly opposes these measures is an egregious form of racism, and is proof positive of the need for anti-racist programming. In other words, if you do not let your tax dollars fund the social engineering of your child, you too are in need of it. This “you’re either with us or against us, and if you’re against us you’re a racist” thinking is exactly what anti-racism and applied CRT teaches. It’s patently easy to see how divisive this thinking is, and yet it’s being applied in our schools and coming from our educational “leaders.” This is not white vs black. It’s purveyors of neo-racism and division, who clearly yet erroneously believe their work will help end racism, against those in favor of instruction that produces unity, and freedom of thought and speech for our students. As mentioned, the next blog will dissect SK’s anti-racism policy, its ideological ties, and its potential to violate the law and the ethics of education.

Solas’ fight is part of a larger effort to prevent and combat the creepy ideology of Wokeness and neo-racism quickly seeping into our schools. Solas is a strong and courageous fighter. The Committee ultimately decided not to take legal action against her. But we need as many people standing up against neo-racism as possible. We are also in need of teachers, parents, and students informing us about concerning policies, treatment, and instruction in Rhode Island public schools so that we can work together to combat it.

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