A Good Argument for School Vouchers


Representative Jason Knight makes the argument for school vouchers.

If parents are unhappy or dissatisfied with the education their child is receiving in their local government school, they should have the ability to move their child to a school they deem better for them.

Of course, not every parent can do what Representative Knight did. Few of the parents in our worst school districts have the financial resources to buy a home in Barrington. It's tone-deaf of him to suggest it is that easy.

However, the money could and should follow the student. Parents could choose the best school for their child and the money now being spent to provide a deficient education could pay the tuition at a school that they consider better.

I'm guessing that's not the solution that Jason wants. But pretending that students can 'just move' is disingenuous at best and deceitful at its worst.

Bottom line: Parents have the absolute right to direct their child's education, upbringing, moral and religious training, and physical and mental health care. They are absolutely entitled to respect and transparency. They must be included in decisions, curriculum development and book selection. Schools must develop and adopt procedures to make parents aware of surveys, DNA harvesting, medical procedures, videos, sexual, race-shaming and sensitive content and seek parents written permission.

That's the Goal of the Parent's Bill of Rights. Help us pass it into law!

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