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About Us

Our commitment to protecting education.

Stop School Indoctrination Now! (SSIN) is committed to preventing and abolishing the indoctrination of our children in public education using a divisive and damaging ideology, known as critical race theory.


We are dedicated to empowering parents, teachers, administrators, students, and community members to preserve and promote freedom of mind, conscience, and speech in our schools.


We would never allow race-shaming to be used against a black student. Neither should we tolerate it being used against a white child.

Our Principles and Beliefs 

  1. A central purpose of public education is to teach children how to think. Indoctrination teaches what to think. Education must adhere to the highest scholarly values and not be tainted with practices designed to advance a racial political agenda.

  2. An ideology that focuses on judging people by the color of their skin and evaluates American society, history and culture using racially biased criteria should not be used or practiced in our elementary, secondary or post-secondary schools.

  3. Curricula must be chosen that allows students to understand and appreciate the roles and contributions of all nationalities, ethnicities and races to the growth and advancements of the United States. The curricula must use historical context and not impose ever-shifting, fashionable, modern-day standards. Subject matter in all disciplines must be free of ‘woke’ ideology. It must not be chosen based on race or gender, but instead on the highest pedagogical standards.

  4. Using neo-racism, race shaming and/or race blaming to silence and indoctrinate students is malevolent and damaging behavior, is a violation of students’ constitutional rights and must not be tolerated.

  5. Parents and community members have the right and responsibility to monitor and question curricula, written materials, lessons and assignments that impose racial criteria on student learning and/or compels them to use race as a standard for gathering knowledge.

"YOU DOn't fight racism with more racism."

-William Jacobson

Our Strategy

  1. Mobilize community members, including but not limited to parents, teachers, administrators, and students to resist indoctrination through various means.

  2. Provide resources and guidance for parents to review and monitor curriculum and instruction.

  3. Demand transparency from educators and education leaders about what students are being taught.

  4. Pressure school boards in Rhode Island to prevent the use of critical race theory within their school systems.

  5. Involve parents in school board meetings with the explicit and sole goal of pushing back against indoctrination

  6. Help parents pursue legal action against educators and education leaders who practice discriminatory education and critical race theory techniques, materials and curriculum against their children.

  7. Advocate for laws in the Rhode Island General Assembly that prohibit the application of CRT in K-12 and in public colleges and universities, while advancing non-ideological civics education.

  8. Work with and support the community in its effort to prevent and remove any and all activities and instruction from schools that are purposed for politicizing, radicalizing, or indoctrinating students.

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